Stay ahead of your customer demand

Your co-pilot for strategic decision-making to predict your inventory needs, automate your operations and maximize your profitability.

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The planning solution that revolutionizes the competitiveness of your business

1 Pilot

Pilot you business

The health of your business in real time.

Visualise key trends in the profitability of your products to quickly adapt your buying and selling strategy accordingly.

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2 Plan

Predict your stocks

Customer satisfaction through the roof!

Using AI, replenish as accurately as possible by anticipating your customer demand, the variability of your sales, and your logistical constraints.

Manage your stock differently
3 Operate

Manage your operations

A well-oiled machine

Eliminate time-consuming tasks by automating your management. Thanks to real-time alerts on the follow-up of supplier orders, prioritize your production and distribution capacities, without stress, according to the evolution of your sales.

Run your operations brilliantly

Start Strong, Effortlessly!

Don't change anything, BEVOLTA adapts and takes care of it!

BEVOLTA adapts to your existing tools and is responsible for connecting your data to its system for quick and easy access to the solution.

Results Up To Our Clients

50%Stock Reduction
-70%Production Time
100%Product availability

"Our supply chain was already on the front line before COVID. Its optimisation has become vital in the context of the health crisis. Despite the difficult context, BEVOLTA will have made it possible to increase competitiveness."


"One year after the installation of the BEVOLTA solution, the observation is edifying: A saving of 35% on the on-hand value in year 1 while increasing the availability of our stock. Same observation 4 years later, and this while our activity has multiplied by 4."

CEO, Nobodinoz

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