Nobodinoz is a brand of decoration and accessories for children. Founded in 2006, the label is based in Barcelona where it works with local clothing workshops renowned for their expertise.

Published at 12/12/2023

What started out as a concept store has become in 15 years one of the benchmark brands in children's fashion, with double-digit annual growth. Praised for design, manufacturing quality and affordable prices, the Nobodinoz collections are now distributed worldwide via the online store and a network of premium resellers such as BHV and Smallable.

The price of this success story ?

Stock management is complex, combining several features:

  • The stock is made up of more than 20,000 references combining the materials used in the manufacture of finished products as well as the collections;
  • The stock is distributed between the garment workshops and the central warehouse (finished products);
  • The brand oversees the entire manufacturing process from the design office, with a "key" person dedicated to stock management;
  • Careful stock management is essential in a sector - fashion - where stock shortages and overstocks are frequent;
  • Until 2017, stock management is handled by a traditional ERP and supervised by the warehouse manager, who is considered a true Super Heroine.

At this stage, Nobobinoz is experiencing strong growth and the leaders plan to strengthen the logistics team. When they contact BEVOLTA in 2017, they hope to find a solution to make inventory management and planning easier. They ignore then that BEVOLTA will bring them an absolutely considerable gain.

The BEVOLTA team first analyzed the dual industrial and commercial issues of NOBODINOZ in order to integrate personalized KPI's into its solution, for example on sales monitoring.

A second simulation phase made it possible to test the BEVOLTA tool using data from the past year. The result: a substantial forecast saving on stocks, availability on all references while avoiding stockouts and overstocks.

One year after installing the BEVOLTA solution, the findings are edifying:

By following the BEVOLTA reporting delivered in real time, NOBODINOZ achieved a saving of 35% on the value in stock in year 1 while increasing the availability of its stock. The company, which thought it needed to hire to strengthen its logistics team, ultimately did not have to. Same observation 4 years later, and this while its activity has multiplied by 4.

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