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Release your supply chain

Our solution manages, automates and optimizes your supply chain planning and execution to its full potential

Manage and optimise your planning in 3 steps

Automated global analysis

We bring you all technological means to automatically analyse their global supply chain. Identify the key products and SKU's that will be the ROI levers and help stabilize your entire network.

  • Driving availability rate to its maximum
  • Eliminating stock out and expedite situations
  • Optimize your cash flow aligned with market demand

ROI simulator

Simulate inventory investment scenarios to refine management settings and predict the ROI of the scenario once applied. The simulator is able to find the best settings for a given scenario, and a desired objective

  • 1 Define your service rate, lead-time and inventory level objectives
  • 2 Let our ROI simulator automatically define and evaluate the best feasible outcome
  • 3 Then compare, adjust and apply on your day-to-day environment

Real-time control tower

Follow the recommendations calculated in real time by the system, launch your replenishment or production orders with confidence. Knowing that the inventory, production and logistic resources are perfectly balanced and adapted between your company's strategy and the true market demand.

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