Predict your stocks

Using artificial intelligence, our solution calculates and precisely plans your supplier needs and deadlines, internal or external production and distribution to your points of sale and end customers.

You will never hear the words "out of stock" or "over-stocking" again.

Your cash flow and storage space are thus optimally assured.

Planning Cards

Automatic classification of your products

Provisioned components are strategically grouped based on their behaviors and attributes.

Global management of a group of components with similar statistical characteristics allows centralised control which translates the parameters on several items as the environment and circumstances change.

SKU Automatic Classification Screenshot

Generate optimal replenishment plans

BEVOLTA, automatically classify your products according to their consumption profile.
  • Follow our replenishment recommendations and focus on the priorities of the day.
  • Project consumption and anticipate our recommendations to come.

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Planning Projection Screenshot

Forecast, sales trend and seasonality

Dynamic adjustments

Over time, reality may deviate from the starting point - change in the pattern of demand, change in the degree of variability, emergence of seasonality issues. Decisions may have been made to launch or stop a product ...

  • Plan based on actual demand and/or sales forecasts.
  • Import your forecasts or let us generate them using machine learning.
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Load-capacity adequacy

  • Our engine takes into account your production and storage capacity constraints.
  • We anticipate your capacity and alert you in the event of a future overrun.
Screenshot Adéquation Charge Capacité

Simulate replenishment scenarios

To help you make the right decisions every time with a minimum of risk, BEVOLTA integrates a powerful simulation module that will answer the question:

What would our supply chain and our supply model look like if we make such and such a decision?

Simulation report screenshot

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