Pilot your business

Our solution gives you visibility on your potential turnover as well as the associated financial performance.

In real-time, you will have the key trends on product profitability to quickly adapt your sales and purchasing strategy accordingly.

Instantly monitor and manage your activity efficiently and maximise its profitability.

Pilotage Reports Screenshot

Stock performance

  • Stock valuation
  • Monitoring of stock-outs
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Buffer performance
  • Follow-up of recommendations
  • Stock sizing analysis

Sales performance

  • Follow-up of turnover
  • Top / Low performers
  • Sales and customer segmentation
  • Geographical distribution
  • Customer insights ™ ️
Illustration Customer Performance Reports

Strategic analysis

  • Sales budget vs production capacity and stock simulator
  • Performance of suppliers and production lines
  • Benchmark your suppliers
Illustration Pilot Suppliers

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