Fully DDMRP Compliant

BEVOLTA® is a fully DDMRP compliant software that will help you regain the control of your entire supply chain environment. Sense, adapt and react faster to today's complex and volatile world and keep track of your system's performance with the glimpse of an eye.

No risk simulation

BEVOLTA® includes a powerful simulation module will answer the question ”What would our inventory and supply performance look like if we did this ?” before you actually do it. Helping you make the right decisions with minimal risks every time.

Strategic Inventory Positioning

”Where” replaces “How much” as the crucial inventory question. Literally, where in the Bill of Material structure and where in the supply chain network should we hold inventory, offers opportunities to solve shortage problems and unsatisfactory inventory and delivery performance.

Buffer profiles and levels

Strategically replenished parts are grouped by like part behaviours and attributes. A globally managed group of parts with similar statistical characteristics allows a centralised control panel that translate settings across multiple items as the environment and circumstances change.

Dynamic adjustments

Over time, many realities might change from the initial starting point – demand patterns change, the degree of variability changes, seasonality issues emerge, there might be decisions to ramp-up or phase-out a product … Dynamic and planned adjustments respond to all of these challenges with ease.

Demand-driven planning

Allows the planner's attention to be focused on what matters both now and in the near term future. Shift to a sales order driven planning method that creates resupply signals and prioritized reorder sequence based on the real market demand.

Execution synchronisation

Provides you organization with a strong, highly visible, collaborative execution tool, based on real time, meaningful, absolute and relative priorities. Allowing you to gain instant view of the necessary decisions to make throughout the entire supply chain.

Operational reports

Keep track of the your global supply chain's performance with real-time relevant KPI's integrated into with interactive, graphical and dynamic dashboards that update automatically. Allowing everyone in your organization to analyse the same numbers and rely on a single source of truth.

User-friendly & Accessible

The modern and intuitive interface will help your users get their job done more quickly

Flexible Deployment

Whether you need your systems on or off-site, BEVOLTA have your covered with very flexible deployment strategies. We offer, On-Site, Cloud or Hybrid deployments.

Better safe than sorry

Our cloud deployments are secured with SSL encrypted communications, accessible via VPN. Your data is safe and automatically archived for quick disaster recovery.

Performant & Scalable

BEVOLTA core is optimized for working on multi-processors commodity hardware. Scale the load on multiple instances transparently if needed.

Integrated with your ERP

BEVOLTA natively integrates with your Infor M3, JD Edwards and IFS ERP systems. For other systems, interfaces can easily be put in place via our integrated ETL and APIs.

What is DDMRP ?

Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is an innovative multi-echelon pull methodology to plan inventories and materials.

It enables a company to build more closely to actual market requirements and promotes better and quicker decisions and actions at the planning and execution level.

DDMRP was introduced to the world in the book Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning, Third Revised Edition by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith.

Bringing MRP into the 21st Century

MRP, first developed in limited fashion in the 1950s and 60s, really took off in the 1970s, when computer systems enabled widespread adoption and APICS undertook the “MRP Crusade” to popularize it.

MRP morphed in the late 1970s and 80s into MRP II and ultimately ERP. But the heart of today’s ERP systems, at least in the manufacturing sector, is still the MRP processing logic that is essentially unchanged since the 1970s.

DDMRP Benefits


Improved customer services

Users consistently achieve 98-100% on time fill rate performance.


Lead Time Compression

Lead time reductions in excess of 80% have been achieved in several industry segments.


Right-sizes Inventory

Typical inventory reductions of 30-45% are achieved while improving customer service.

Lowest total supply chain cost

Costs related to expedite activity and false signals are largely eliminated (fast freight, partial ships, cross-ships, schedule break-ins).

Easy and Intuitive

Planners see priorities instead of constantly fighting the conflicting messages of MRP.