Our approach to projects

Achieving Operational Excellence requires the perfect balance between Process, Technology, people and business strategy.

Aligning the focus on a bigger and broader picture in terms of Process, Technology, People and Business Strategy provides the basis for a detailed design towards the road to success.

Our team ensures that we work together across the end-to-end supply chain from outside- in identifying the key risks and issues across all areas in order to deliver sustainable results with our proven structured approach.



Best-in-class companies still struggle to understand where they are on the journey towards excellence. Starting at high level and identifying the key big steps is important to see the process from end to end. Then moving into more detail to capture the various layers involved and various exceptions.

The audit of business processes will identify which processes support which aspects, highlighting where change is needed.


Ensuring consistently the application of the process and providing the thin guiding rails to keep the process on track is essential to the entire system. This health check review considers the current technical and functional implementation of all information and application systems.

Making sure you have to right tools in the right place to ensure the strategic alignment towards the companies success.


Companies are often so preoccupied with immediate issues that they lose sight of their ultimate objectives. This aspect considers the current corporate strategy and how this aligns with the requirements in your system. The aim is to review the current status and how the current business operations are supported.

Identifying the key contributors to maximize business efficiency in an integrated way is the ultimate goal.


Too many companies rely on working hard vs. working smarter. The company's mindset of supply chain personnel as a back office support function rather than a critical path to deliver substantial business results has to change. Identify who the key personnel are, their role and responsibility is crucial.

Establishing the appropriate training and change management plan towards a more reliable and smarter working environment.

Project Steps

Rather than taking the ’one size fits all’ approach of some consultants, we use a four-step process that spans the entire business transformation lifecycle, from the initial analysis through to full implementation.



Uses our knowledge of your organisation, developed with your teams, to set the strategic direction.



Takes our understanding of your pain to tailor a customised solution that delivers gain.



Transforms your strategic vision into effective and valued change.



Ensures that you get the maximum value and benefit from our delivery of the initial vision.